At Professional Academy of Islamic Studies (PAIS) we offer a unique blend of thought provoking & inquisitive take on islamic issues that often spark controversy in traditional and modern arenas, delivered online and onsite through a series of short course, workshops & Seminars.

Learning is fun, progress is being able to critically question without fear & develop solutions that addresses modern dilemmas.

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Exemplary methodology and a truly unique perspective in modern discourse. Revisiting primary sources and looking at ways to apply to modern though creates a solid foundation for further development and understanding.

Jamal Karim – Senior Legal Consultant

Contemporary thought, entire work focused at tackling real issues facing both the youth and the young professionals from a unique perspective by asking the right questions and presenting plausible solutions to modern challenges. Highly recommend the corporate workshops.

Saba Hasan – Solicitor Advocate

A great initiative by PAIS to educate on modern approaches to Islamic Theology, Islamic Finance, Islamic Law, Gender Equality and Quran & Radicalisation. Would highly recommend anyone to part take in these programmes who are interested in studying Islam in the context of the current world we live in. More than ever today, there i an utmost importance in re-evaluating our early sources to understand and implement these critical teaching in our daily lives.

Ibrahim Mogra – Chairman Virtue Ethics Foundation

The founding of the Academy comes at a crucial time. Islamophobia is rampant and deliberate misinformation by the Media and Extreme right Governments across the globe, in Europe, USA, India, China and the semination of false news and deliberate misinterpretation of Islam and Islamic traditions to suit their political agendas. It is an appealing initiative, progressive, contemporary ambitious and bold in its approach to teaching the tenets of Islam and the interpretation of badly understood surah of the Quran. The Islamic finance course is a must to all who wish to apply the Quranic principles and to those who wish to pursue a career in Islamic Banking and Finance. I am confident that the academy’s teaching, writings, and publications will help to create a better understanding of maligned, seemingly controversial and badly interpreted suras and dispel the myths created by the extreme right Media and hopefully lead to a better understanding and accommodation of Moslems and Islam.

Dr Said Shehadeh – Retired Banker and financial consultant

Explore islamic law through a different prism